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 AMTC AEF-801-CT HYBRIDFLUSH Automatic Flush Valve Systems Complete Unit for Water Closet

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AMTC AEF-801-CT HYBRIDFLUSH Automatic Flush Valve Systems Complete Unit for Water Closet

HYBRIDFLUSH® Automatic Flush Valve Systems

AMTC offers the HYBRIDFLUSH® Model AEF-801 for urinals and toilets. The HYBRIDFLUSH® incorporates AMTC's AXIO™ Touch-Free Technology including the patented BRV® mechanism. Proprietary brass cam gear technology replaces the highly unreliable solenoid mechanisms. The design of the HYBRIDFLUSH® allows for the original flushometer handle or a push button to function as an alternate "mechanical" flush option that always works. The unit is powered by 4-AA batteries (no water shut-off required when replacing). The system includes water saving features, an adjustable sensor angle, and is equipped with a durable chrome metal outer casing to prevent vandalism. The features and the overall reliability of AMTC's HYBRIDFLUSH® make it the most advanced and reliable flushing system available.
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HYBRIDFLUSH® Is Two Flush Valves In One

Because of the key Hybrid Design of the AEF-801 HYBRIDFLUSH®, you get the reliability of a manual flush valve and the functionality and advantages of an automatic flush valve all in one easy to install unit.


Most automatic flushers need battery power to flush the toilet or urinal. But what if the batteries run out or the sensor doesn't work and you can't flush?

What Do You Do?