5" Cast Iron to 5" Plastic, Steel or XH Cast Iron Shielded Coupling
Our Price: $23.00
Item #: 5855CP
Manufacturer: PASCO
Mfg ID: 5855CP

Stainless Steel Shielded Transition Couplings designed for resistance to shear forces as well as corrosion.

PASCO's ProSeal Flex Couplings allow the plumber to make a wide variety of transition pipe connections.

ProSeal Flex Couplings connect cast iron, plastic, copper, steel and tubular DWV systems.

  • Meet ASTM C1460 and CSA B602.
  • All 300 Series Stainless Steel Band and Clamp.
  • Neoprene ASTM C564 gasketmaterial.
  • Clamp joined to shield with rivets,not welds.